Apple & Tangerine Tea


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Product Description

Health benefits

Help to relieve stomachache, release abdominal pain, unwell and bloating.


The citrus flavor and dried apples are slightly sweet and sour,  together with the jasmine tea and mint, the tea is overall refreshing and delicious.

Sweetness (light <···> rich)
Tea richness (light <···> rich)
Aromaticity (light <···> rich)


Dried Tangerine Pulp
Dried Apple Pulp (Diced)
Jasmine Tea Leaves
Mint Leaves

Net weight (each pouch)

Approx. 6g


Mainland China


Keep in dry and cool place or in a lid-sealed container. Avoid sunlight.

Good to know

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Not recommended during the menstrual period.
Not recommended for pregnant woman.


This tea can be also brewed in cold water
– Take out the tea bag and put it in a cup or bottle
– Add cold water (or warm water, then add ice)
– Let it sits for 10-15mins 
– Enjoy!

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